Heirloom Albums & Prints


Maybe it was from a family vacation to Disney World. An anniversary cruise to Hawaii. Or perhaps even their wedding day.
As you flip the pages, you see memories you've probably never seen before. Heard memories you've probably never heard before. And discovered new family insights you've probably never known before.

And that, right there, is why albums are so important.

Because they not only help you remember the memories from your wedding day. They also allow you to share those memories with your family. And, perhaps, future generations as well.

Start by answering this:
Have you ever gone to your grandparent's house and flipped through the pages of an old album?


the experience that awaits you:

There's something different about flipping the pages of a book or album versus scrolling through images on your phone or computer.


But there's also something to be said about the impact a photo has when it's physically held in your hands. And the emotional response that happens when you look at it.

So, whether you create an album for yourself, gift one to your parents for the holidays, or order a collection of prints to be displayed in your home, we guarantee you'll experience your photos in a whole different light. And that your memories will feel all the more REAL.

With us, there's no pressure to commit to an album (or prints) before your wedding. Heck! There's no pressure to even commit to one after.
But know that if (or when) you decide to purchase an album, we'll be there to guide you through the process. And take on the leg work while you reap the rewards.

A Simple Process:
As Easy as 1-2-3

01. Start With Your Favorites

Pick some of your favorite photos. From those, we'll get an idea of the most memorable parts of the day. And we'll know just what to include in your album.

02. We’ll Do the Hard Part

We'll create a layout and upload it so you can look at it online​​​​​​​. As you flip through the digital proof, you can leave us notes and comments on anything you'd like to see changed.

03. Receive a Beautiful Album

After the proof is approved, we'll order it from our printing company. And within 15 days, you'll receive your heirloom album - delivered straight to your front door.



Ordering prints is easy. It's so easy, in fact, you can bypass us and go straight to the source.

When you receive your online gallery, you'll have access to order whatever prints you like directly from the site. It will even show you a digital preview of the image(s) you're interested in - in the size and material you're envisioning.

Once you order your prints, you can expect to receive them within 3-5 days.

And in case you could use a little help, or you're looking for some proof on just how easy this is to do, check out THIS video tutorial.

I'll Take One!

The photo album Mike (made for) us is so perfect!

“He has such an eye for photo arrangement and layouts. Every time I open our album proof, I see my friends’ personalities shining through, and I just laugh my head off.”

 -Sara, 2021

Personalized From Cover-to-Cover

Your wedding day and your images are a personal reflection of your style and story.
Your prints and album are too.​​​​​​​


Our goal is to make things less overwhelming. So, we offer three varieties of albums ranging from basic to luxury.

All of the albums are flush mount so that you get the most of each image on each page. And they all include the following options for you to customize and choose from.

Choose the size of your album - ranging from 10-16 inches. And either in square, vertical, horizontal, or flipbook orientation.

Choose the number of pages you'd like to include in your album - as well as the thickness and color. All albums are made with archival, portrait-grade paper that, when properly stored away from sunlight, can last up to hundreds of years.

Choose from almost 100 different materials and colors that include vegan leather, linen, velvet, and fabric. And for luxury albums, classic leather, textured leather, handmade paper, and wood.


Just like your album, your prints are no exception to style and customization. Canvas, glass, metal, acrylic, wood - the options are practically endless.

And because you can order prints directly from your online gallery, you don't have to worry about the quality. Pixieset, the company we use for galleries, partners with leading industry print labs all over the country. And they are all dedicated to helping you receive the best quality of prints available.

unlike anything else

“We are in love with every single photo in our album. The color and quality is unlike anything else we have seen.”

-Amanda, 2021

mike zawadzki photography

is a New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio based out of Livingston, NJ.

take a select number of winter weddings on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and are available for travel world-wide!
info@mikezawadzki.com | 973-941-2940

is a New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio based out of Livingston, NJ. take a select number of winter weddings on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and are available for travel world-wide!
info@mikezawadzki.com | 973-941-2940

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