Stop WASTING so much time CULLING + editing.

Maybe it was the dinner date you've been putting off with your partner for months, or perhaps even just coffee with a friend.

As you go through this exciting new phase of success in your career, you're missing out on all of the small moments, and potentially big memories, that add up to your life's story. There is so much more to  LIVING than sitting on computers locked in an editing dungeon.

And that, right there, is why we as photographers need help.

The problem is, when we hire outside (human) help, the costs REALLY add up, so we become far less profitable, and there is still left with work to do. Oh and AI doesn't need rest or sleep either.

Start by answering this:
Have you ever had to cancel plans with your family or friends because you HAD to CULL OR edit?

WHY SHOULDn't you get to enjoy both your career and personal life?

USING artificial intelligence TO HELP

There's something different about looking through 1,200 (or less) images from your most recent wedding, versus scrolling through 5,000 images that often have many repeats, and throwaways.


There's also something to be said about the importance of having MORE TIME to spend on the photos that actually matter. And of course getting your images delivered in a more timely fashion, even during busy season.

So, whether you want to get some more of that personal time back, reset your disastrous sleep schedule, spend more time outside, grow + scale your business, or just spend less time on the computer, I guarantee that I will be able to help you use new AI software to achieve all of this, and more!


AfterShoot is a software designed to help photographers save time by using AI to "cull" images. This task is often one of the most repetitious time sucking tasks for wedding photographers. AfterShoot sorts through your images and assigns ratings (that can be customized) 
Adobe Lightroom Classic has some new exciting AI features

easy to access anywhere

MY course is hosted on the kajabi platform which is the industry standard for online multimedia courses. you can access the videos and other material on your computer or mobile devices very easily.

let me show you how it works!

benefits of ai

While you'll always want full control of your final product, there are numerous benefits to using an AI assisted work flow to help you save time. Here are some of my favorite AI hits.

-AI software is significantly less expensive than hiring a dedicated culler or editor, and unlike humans, the robots don't need to rest or sleep. It also learns my choices and styles, faster and is updated constantly.

-I can now have my weddings being culled and edited while I sleep, go on a date with my fiance, or take my dog for a walk. Not too shabby. I also like to spend this time working on other projects for my business, like this course - and helping you! :)

-My galleries get delivered early. Sometimes I have to make sure it isn't TOO early, so future clients don't expect such an impossible turnaround window. Imagine having that problem? 

-Lightroom integration is perfectly smooth. This was my biggest hesitation in trying AI culling and editing. I'm generally very much a creature of habit, and disrupting my workflow was anxiety inducing. I can happily report that my workflow has actually been improved by adding in new software.

I'll Take One!

The idea of turning over significant portions of the creative aspect of your photography business to humans or "robots", is daunting. You're probably skeptical. I know I was at first. It's time for many photographers to consider that AI software just helps, and is *not* a one click solution - or a replacement for you. That isn't what using AI in a photography workflow is all about.


how does it all work?

01. guided video courses + tutorials

the idea of adding yet another piece of software to your workflow can be scary, but i promise it isn't. many creatives are creatures of habit *raises hand* and don't like change. MY guided video courses will help you master ai software for both culling and edit. While ai software isn't for everyone, i can usually figure out a way that it can be helpful to almost any photographer looking to save time.

02. personal 1-on-1 coaching

need more help? I know not everyone has the time to watch videos, read articles, and take pop quizes (your gpa will not be impacted) - so i offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions for those who want some hands on help learning ai software.


this option includes both the video tutorials/course, and a 1-on-1 session where i will help you designed a custom ai workflow that revolves entirely around your business model, editing style, lightroom cataloging prefrence, etc... even if you aren't a lightroom user, i will help you understand how to integrate as much ai into your workflow as possible.


Without AI assistance, I wouldn't have any work/life balance.

I rebooted my wedding photography business (and lifestyle) after moving to a new state in 2019. Since then my company has grown to PHOTOGRAPH over 90+ WEDDING couples per season, with multiple associate photographers. Without AI assistance, I wouldn't have any work/life balance.

 -mike zawadzki

let's learn together!

If you'd like to connect with other photographers using AI software, here are some of my favorite Facebook groups where I am active, and try to help other photographers looking to learn about AI.

If you're here, chances are you're already pretty good at this whole photography thing, but you can't honestly take on every new job if you can't keep up with your delivery times. An AI assisted workflow will help you delivery your galleries more quickly, which impresses clients and gives you peace of mind.

unlike anything else

“We are in love with every single photo in our album. The color and quality is unlike anything else we have seen.”

-Amanda, ____ 2021

mike zawadzki photography

is a New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio based out of Livingston, NJ.

take a select number of winter weddings on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and are available for travel world-wide!
info@mikezawadzki.com | 973-941-2940

is a New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio based out of Livingston, NJ. take a select number of winter weddings on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and are available for travel world-wide!
info@mikezawadzki.com | 973-941-2940

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