With so much going on during your wedding day - so much you won't or can't see - your New Jersey wedding photographer will connect you to all of those moments once that day is complete.

And your memories don't contain chintzy props. Or friends holding "happily ever after" signs. Or any of that other cheese you've been seeing on Pinterest. No, your memories are full of rich color.

You don't view your memories through a cotton candy-pink filter.


"My photos have a sense of "realness" to them that some modern wedding photography tends to lose. The photos aren't overly-edited, or have the same wash/filter over them. They capture how the day was perfectly." 

"My photos...capture how the day was perfectly."

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel.

I just don't see the value in making every photograph look like a 2012 Instagram filter abomination. Sound like we agree?

Since 2008, as a New Jersey wedding photographer, my goal - and that of my team - has always been to capture the day as it happens. No cheesy poses. No gimmicks. No overly-exposed colors or crazy angles.

Just the two of you, and your guests, enjoying one another in a setting that looks and feels real, just as it did on your wedding day.

Your memories SHOULD look and feel real.


Learn more about our approach

Let's get to know each other.

The Experience

"Scrolling through Mike's Instagram and portfolios we saw more than beautiful pictures, they were works of art. The images spoke volumes about his style, talent, and abliity to give us the exact kind of photography we wanted." 

"They were works of art."

My guess is you don't want a stranger with you on your wedding day. 

Let's start by breaking the ice

"Mike was so fast in his response. He was the first photographer we talked to, and we didn't even look any further. Not only was Mike professional and excited for our wedding, he felt like a friend who was meant to be there." -Rachel

"he felt like a friend who was meant to be there."

Allow us to create a proposal that's all about you!

Nothing cookie cutter here. 

That's what I want!

We deliberately find little, ordinary moments and bring attention to them through photographs.

So later, when they are viewed in an album or featured on the walls of your home, these moments will be knit together to become everlasting memories.

Bringing attention to the ordinary.



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