• Don’t like your side profile? No problem! We’ll work around it!
• Feel a little stiff in front of the camera? Our wacky sense of humor will help you to relax.
• Hate your arms? Totally get it, and we’ll direct you in ways that makes that issue obsolete.

More than photography, our job is to figure out who you are and what you like.

That’s why, as much as we enjoy the craft of photography, we’ve learned that our job is also about making you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Whether that's by making you laugh, or finding out what angles you're not a fan of.

Getting your photos taken should be fun!

No matter what your day brings, we’ve got a plan - and it’s a good one.

Sometimes you can’t shake the rain. But you know what? Those little challenges have made us experts! They give us the opportunity to be creative in different ways. We have the ability to transform a location and make it look appealing - even when it’s not. Trust us, a little wizardry goes a long way! Let’s be clear, we still prefer (and get excited by) the light being just right. But just know that...

Life isn't always a sunset...


"Mike’s sense of humor plays a big part into who he is, which is a reason I felt so chill with him on my wedding day! I feel like he listened to my worries/frustrations about how I may look in the photos, and he made me feel confident that he would do a great job. And he clearly did!” - Alison K.

"I felt so chill..."


Here are some of the many ways we’ve got your back.

We’d love to know more about your story and how we can capture beautiful memories.

All of our coverage options include with two photographers, ensuring every candid moment and treasured detail is caught. Whether you’re thinking more hours or perhaps something a little untraditional such as a fully candid wedding with almost no posing, we've got you. Rest easy knowing we’ve got every angle of your big day covered.

Full Wedding Coverage

how we work.

Get some practice before the big day and get images of this incredible time in your lives. An engagement session allows you to learn to be comfortable with the idea of getting your picture taken, in a way that engenders incredible imagery that encapsulates your relationship and personalities.

Engagement Sessions

Breaking the ice with

Other photographers use pre-made filters to cut corners, and copy someone else’s style. Instead, we hand edit all of your photos so you receive unique, timeless, and bold images that stand out. Sophisticated photos that aren’t overproduced and that you can be proud to hang in your home.

Hand Editing

no cheesy filters or presets.


Albums and Wall Art - Preserve your memories and they will be passed down for generations. From heirloom-quality albums to metal wall art, you’ll feel the emotion of moments as you touch a tangible version of each memory. 

Forever Online - While other photographers may take your wedding images off-line after a few months, we leave your gallery up forever.

Fast Turnaround - A few weeks later, get excited all over again when we deliver your full online gallery.

Same/Next Day Previews - Relive the magic right away!

More perks of working with us...

Back Up System - You never have to worry about us losing any images. If you misplace your digital or physical photos, relax knowing that we’ve got a backup waiting for you.

"Mike has a way of capturing the beauty of a moment, the feeling of couples, the love and happiness and laughter, while also being conscious of lighting and content to make something truly stunning.”
-Betsy N.

"Something truly stunning"