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We get it — you don’t want just anyone photographing your wedding. This is your once-in-a-lifetime moment, and there are no do-overs.  So when the lead photographer you set your heart on is booked, what are you supposed to do?  Fortunately, we have a team of talented associate photographers! And each offers an exceptional level […]

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Book a Photographer from Mike Zawadzki Photography | New Jersey Wedding Photography

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At Mike Zawadzki Photography, we understand the experience we provide impacts your wedding day memories. Aside from the product we deliver, how you’re treated can affect how you see your photos. They may be picture-perfect – everything you hoped for. But if you had a sub-par experience, then you may feel regret every time you […]

4 Things You Can Expect When You Work With Our New Jersey Wedding Photography Team – New Jersey Wedding Photography | Mike Zawadzki Photography

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When I first met this incredible couple, I knew we were a perfect match. Meagan and David were looking for a wedding photographer who could blend a distinctive style with the art of capturing candid moments, and that’s exactly what I aim to deliver. After our initial phone call, the couple knew we would mesh […]

Hudson House NJ Wedding Photography – Jersey City | Meagan + Dave

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If you’ve taken a peek at our portfolio or scrolled through our Instagram account, you’ve probably noticed nighttime wedding portraits. In fact, we have a whole page dedicated to wedding night and low-light portraits.  While daytime wedding photos have their own unique charm, nighttime photography holds a certain kind of magic. The evening light brings […]

The Benefits of Nighttime Wedding Photography: Why You Should Consider It for Your New Jersey Wedding

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In a world full of wedding photographers, you might wonder what sets us apart. Well, for one, we’re unique in how we work with our couples.  For us, it’s not about showing up on your day and clicking away. We want to get to know you and understand your vision. And our collaborative process ensures […]

Our Unique Approach to Working with Couples – New Jersey Wedding Photography | Mike Zawadzki Photography

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It finally happened. You’ve found “the one.” The perfect New Jersey wedding photographer who matches your style and vision. And ever since discovering the one, you’ve imagined yourself in their photos.  Now, all you have left to do is see if they’re available. So you hop on their website, type your information into the inquiry […]

First Choice Photographer Already Booked? Here’s What To Do Next | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

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Proposing to your significant other is a once-in-a-lifetime moment you may have spent months planning.  And while the moment itself will be etched into your memory forever, there is nothing quite like having photographs to look back on.  Unlike the other pivotal pieces of your love story (engagement, wedding day), this one is much briefer. […]

Should You Capture Your Proposal? 5 Reasons Why It’s a Great Idea

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There are a lot of things to consider when you’re preparing for an engagement photo session. And there’s a lot of advice on how to get ready for your session. Even we have a blog post about 3 Ways to Prepare for Your NJ Engagement Session. Choosing an outfit, practicing your PDA, and checking the […]

Does Your Engagement Session Location Check These 4 Boxes?

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For Bridget And Jon, Wedding Photography Was A Top Priority, And They Considered A Photographer To Be Their Most Important Vendor. “Photos Are The One Element You Will Look At Forever,” Bridget Said.” And she’s absolutely right. Photos are one of the only things you’ll have left to relive your day by. And if, like […]

Perona Farms Refinery Wedding – Andover NJ | Bridget + Jon

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Greek philosopher Heraclitus is known for saying, “Change is the only constant in life.” It’s also the only constant for anyone planning a wedding. You make your plans (and backups), trust your vendor team, and hope for the best.  When Julie and JJ came to me, they were looking for a photographer they could trust […]

A Perfect Fall Wedding at Running Deer Golf Club – Pittsgrove, NJ – NJ Wedding Photography | Julie + JJ

"We cried when we saw the photos for the first time. Nothing will ever compare to those memories. We will cherish them always, our first precious family heirloom."


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