A Team You Can Trust

Some People Try to Separate Friendship & Business.
We Do the Opposite.

Weddings are extremely personal. So, if I send someone from my company to capture your most personal memories, you better believe it's going to be someone we can both trust.

And who better to trust than a friend?!

Over the past __ years, I've put together a team of not only talented professionals. But of reliable friends.

So, unlike companies who hire random photographers from Facebook, you're guaranteed a reliable photographer, trained by me, in a style consistent with what you see here.​​​​​​​

Everyone Deserves Beautiful Photos

Instead, we do everything in our power to provide you with beautiful photos. Which all boils down to having a team of photographers.

With a team, we have more opportunities to say "yes" to being available for your date. We can match your styles and personalities for optimum connection and comfortability. And we can offer coverage options that work best for your budget.

It also helps if your lead photographer becomes ill or has an unexpected emergency - because you'll have a whole team ready to step in and support you.

No matter what, with us, you'll get bold, bright, and beautiful images.

"No" is not a word we use at MZP. 

How Our Cooks Become Chefs

ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHER: A new photographer who must work a full wedding season before becoming a second photographer. And someone responsible for handling gear, setting up lighting, etc.

SECOND/ASSOCIATE PHOTOGRAPHER: An experienced photographer who must accompany a lead photographer for​​​​​​​ two wedding seasons before moving up the line.

LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER: A seasoned pro who takes the same high caliber photos you expect from me.

At the MZP kitchen, every photographer learns how to cook - whether they start as an assistant or join the team with years of experience.

With many years of experience in photography, I create memories with the same excitement and enthusiasm as if it was the beginning of my journey.

My love for families and life goes beyond the scope of my work, making my always a part of the couple's family. 

From straightening a groom's bowtie to assuring a bride's hair or dress is precise, I document special moments as if they were for my own family. As a mom of three beautiful children, I understand the importance of paying attention to all of the small candid moments and interactions between family members.

My focus is to help couples relive their special day with each photo, and to create images that would otherwise go unnoticed like mom shedding a tear or a grandparent dancing with their grandchild. I am no stranger to getting the bridal party cracking up and in tears of laughter with a quick Brooklyn wit and upbringing, that is a big part of my personality.

When I’m not photographing love and couples for Mike, I am an advocate for special needs children and adults. You can check out more of my photography for special needs children and families here.

I am an avid gamer who plays both classic Nintendo games and modern games like Fortnite with my son. I also love belting out of the tunes of 80's love songs in my car! “Some were born to sing the blues!”

Bio and Fun Facts About Tiffany

After graduating with an associates degree in photography in 2012, I began doing street photography as a hobby in NYC with friends. Soon after, I started photographing weddings, events, and portrait sessions.

Coming from a big close knit family, capturing memories is important to me. I can’t emphasize how precious the photographs I have of my family are to me. Seeing these moments up close with someone else’s family, and capturing the emotions is my passion in photography.

From the tears of joy during the ceremony to the energy on the dance floor at night.

When I'm not photographing weddings, I enjoy cycling, enjoying a cappuccino at a cafe or park, and listening to some Chillwave, Lo-Fi, or Hip-Hop. Some of my go to foods to cook are penne vodka with chicken or steak quesadillas with potato wedges. I hope we get to chat soon!

Bio and Fun Facts About Gerardo

I stepped in front of a camera at eighteen, and have always been a performer at heart. I fell in love with styling and producing shoots, and I learned quickly that if I wanted to fully express myself creatively I would have to pick up a camera.

The joy and magic of photography is a driving force in my life, and my camera goes everywhere with me.

I love capturing all the emotions, smiles, tears, and laughter of a wedding day. By “reading the room” I know the right times to blend into crowds, or be on a fly on the wall - to get natural reactions. However if needed, I will step up and take charge to pose things like family formals, so they get done in an efficient and timely manner. (Who wants to miss out on partying because you’re taking photos???)

Nothing makes me happier than being there for you on the biggest day of your lives. I care about what’s important to you and will go above and beyond to make sure you get all of the moments you want captured, along with some very creative portraits as well!

When I’m not photographing weddings you’ll find me empowering women, watering my plants, traveling to faraway lands to see my family, and moving my furniture around for the 100th time.

Bio and Fun Facts About Christina

After becoming extremely passionate with cameras at just the age of 12, I have been recording some of the most meaningful, and cool moments for 15 years, and I can’t imagine expressing myself in art in any other way!

As a teacher, I gravitated towards making wedding films because I understand what a moment can mean to an individual.

Being able to capture and preserve those moments for you makes me feel like I wasn’t just your vender for wedding video, but an important part of your experience! I like the idea of building trust and a personal relationship when it comes to my job, and what better way than to meet people than on their most special day! I make a lot of dad jokes, I am really sincere, full of laughs, and of course always grateful that I even get to be there, as I feel like an invited guest.

When I’m with you, the camera is the last thought on anyone’s minds, as I blend into the crowd seamlessly.

I never liked the stuffy idea of showing up and having people say“Oh wow, the video guy is here, great…” I’ll probably be spending more time with you than your guests and family on the day of - and you’re trusting me with such an important task, so why not make that fun and enjoyable? I’ll give you some one liners that’ll make you laugh and help create a vibe that will help you relax and feel natural in front of my camera.

That’s me. I treat you the way I’d love and hope to be treated on my own wedding day. Here’s a few exciting things about me: I play table tennis, (like a lot!) I stream video games sometimes, and love creative photography and portraiture as well, in addition to making wedding films. I’ve also won a few awards for my short films.

Wanna know more? I’ve got stories and jokes for days!

Bio and Fun Facts About Marquis Green

From the moment you look through Brad’s photos, you’ll see that he has an unerring eye for moments. He loves capturing those unseen moments that happen throughout the day at weddings that delight his clients. He can be nearly invisible when capturing memories, but he’s also very present for his clients when it comes to managing the chaos of scheduling the day. He’s a stealthy ninja photographer when it matters, and a producer/director when the show must go on. This skillset no doubt comes from Brad’s work in the theatre as a stage manager for over ten years, dealing with schedules, organization and every type of personality you can think of. Don’t you worry, he’ll even charm your cranky Aunt Betty if he needs to.

This easygoing nature with attention to detail with the photos means that Brad’s clients really get to live their day, while still getting all the photos they hoped for. The word you’ll think of when you look through his work is “connection.” No matter if he’s posing a bridal couple or capturing the first dance, Brad is always looking for the moment that tells you a little bit about the people in it and how they live, laugh and love. Along with capturing the glitz and the glam of a wedding day, Brad seeks to capture the moments that will become heirloom photos for you and your family.

When Brad isn’t viewing the world through a camera lens, he loves having adventures with his wife and daughter. A huge film nerd, you won’t be able to beat Brad when it comes to reciting lines from Indiana Jones movies. "That’s why they call it the jungle, sweetheart."

Bio and Fun Facts About Brad Resnick

What You Can Expect

Working with the MZP Team

Some studios won't introduce you to your wedding photographer until the day-of your wedding.

That's a potential recipe for disaster.


Instead, we'll pull in your lead photographer from day one. Literally. We won't even let you sign a contract or make a payment until you've met your photographer.

Your experience will go a little something like this:

PHONE CALL: You'll have a call with me or my "sous chef" Tiffany. We'll get to know your personality, style, and budget. And from there, we'll pair you with a lead photographer that is a perfect match.

CUSTOM PROPOSAL: We'll send you a custom proposal. Included on the email, will be your lead photographer. Assuming you like what you'll see, the three of you will then have a virtual meeting to confirm they're a good fit.

PHOTOGRAPHY PLANNING: After you've chosen your coverage, we'll send a detailed questionnaire to help us create your timeline and portraits list. Once we've collected that information, we'll share it with your photographer.

ENGAGEMENT SESSION: Engagement sessions aren't just an opportunity to get some practice before your Big Day. They're also another opportunity to connect with your photographer and see how they direct and interact with you. So much so that, come wedding day, you'll feel more like friends instead of strangers.

WEDDING COVERAGE: Get the coverage you need that ensures we'll capture all of the important events you want to remember from your day. Apart from an elopement or micro wedding, an associate or second photographer will be onsite along with your lead photographer to ensure you get even more photos of the small moments and big memories.


Engagement sessions aren't just an opportunity to get some practice before your Big Day. They're also another opportunity to connect with your photographer and see how they direct and interact with you. So much so that, come wedding day, you'll feel more like friends instead of strangers.


“Mike and his team of photographers are kind, personable, creative, and extremely skilled. They will surely provide you with pictures that are more incredible than you could ever imagine.”

​​​​​​​-MARY, 2021

mike zawadzki photography

is a New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio based out of Little Falls, NJ.

We also have an office for in person New Jersey Wedding Photography consultations and meetings by appointment! info@mikezawadzki.com | 973-941-2940

is a New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio based out of Little Falls, NJ.
We also have an office for in person New Jersey Wedding Photography consultations and meetings at The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ!
info@mikezawadzki.com | 973-941-2940

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