Experience the Art of Storytelling with Tiffany

Where passion meets empathy in every photograph.

Welcome to your wedding photography adventure with LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER Tiffany LINDNER

Tiffany isn’t just any photographer; she's a cherished friend and the 'Best Woman' at Mike's  upcoming wedding. With over 200 weddings captured alongside Mike,  their synchronicity in style and approach is unparalleled.

Tiffany brings a deeply personal touch to each event, ensuring your wedding photos reflect genuine moments.

Whether adjusting your gown or capturing a silent tear... 

Tiffany’s presence at your wedding is like having a friend with the eye of a seasoned pro.

The Storyteller from Brooklyn

Her warm, engaging approach makes her not just a photographer...

but a cherished part of your wedding experience.

Tiffany's photographic journey began on the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, where early on, she developed the knack for capturing candid moments. Known for her keen attention to detail and relentless drive, Tiffany strives to tell your wedding as heartfelt story.

Not just a photographer: Tiffany has also been a pivotal part of family celebrations, capturing the wedding of Mike’s brother-in-law, bringing her full circle into the family fold


Photography is more than a profession for Tiffany—it's a heartfelt passion that grew from childhood memories encapsulated in old photographs. This passion is evident in her commitment to not only capturing your special moments but also creating an atmosphere of ease and comfort.

Her journey from a curious child with a camera to a lead photographer for MZP has been fueled by her desire to tell stories that are as unique as the people in them.

A Friend Behind the Lens

"I don't think I can come up with words to express my gratitude towards Tiffany for helping to make my wedding the most memorable, breathtakingly beautiful, fun day I could have.

I knew from our first video chat that Tiffany was going to be wonderful. From her personality, to her skill- my husband and I are so grateful."

- Cathy


Start Your Journey with MZP

Your first discovery call with Mike...

During this call (zoom or phone), we'll dive deep into your wedding day vision, discuss your style preferences, and address any initial questions you may have. This is your chance to share the details that matter most to you and your partner.

Following your discussion with Mike, a video call will be arranged with Tiffany, allowing you to connect directly with her. You’ll get a feel for her personality and approach, ensuring she aligns with your expectations and style. 

You'll also be invited to view multiple full wedding and engagement session galleries captured by Tiffany, often from your venue!

Let's connect.

Schedule a Zoom Video Discovery Call
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Wondering what happens after?

Don't Worry we have your back!

Video Call with Tiffany

Building Trust

After your initial discovery call with Mike, you’ll have a video consultation with Tiffany. This is your opportunity to ensure there’s a perfect vibe match, allowing you to discuss your vision, preferences, and ask questions.

Form rapport on this call is the first step to feeling more comfortable on camera!




Experience a fun and intimate engagement session with Tiffany.

It's a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and develop a personal connection with Tiffany, ensuring you’re relaxed and confident on your big day. She also has so many wonderful locations  to suggest as well - if needed!

Tiffany loves to connect with couples during engagement sessions!


On the same page.

Tiffany doesn’t just capture your moments; she helps craft them. You'll work directly with her leading up to your wedding, ensuring every important moment is captured beautifully. Her meticulous attention to detail guarantees a smooth flow from start to finish.

So you won't have to worry about missing any of the fun parts!



Direct Access

We value a personal bond

From the moment you decide to work with Tiffany, you’ll be given direct access to her via email and cell phone. This open line of communication ensures you can reach out anytime with questions, ideas, or updates.

We please ask that wedding related questions be kept to emails and scheduled calls, but our lines are always open!

Proven Expertise

On Brand Imagery

With over 200 weddings under her belt alongside Mike, Tiffany’s expertise is unparalleled. Her ability to blend into your day, anticipating and capturing moments before they even happen, is what allows her to maintain aesthetics with the MZP style you've shown interest in.

Tiffany’s deep understanding of Mike’s style ensures your photos are captured in camera in a very specific way,  not just consistent with Mike's approach, but also uniquely tailored to reflect your personality and the essence of your day.


From Brooklyn’s hustle to the hushed aisles of weddings, Tiffany brings a unique blend of authenticity, professionalism, and warmth to your special day.

With Tiffany, you’re not just getting a photographer; you’re gaining an ally who champions your love story every step of the way.

Precision and Heart: Tiffany's Signature APPROACH

Dive Deeper into Tiffany’s Story

Follow Tiffany for a sprinkle of her New Jersey wedding and engagement photography magic.

From in-the-moment shots to breathtaking portraits to behind the scenes silliness, see how she captures the essence of every celebration.

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"Tiffany led our large bridal party with such organization and professionalism throughout the day and even got us back same-day previews."


“Tiffany has blown myself, my husband and my family away with how AMAZING she is. From start to finish she is professional, makes being photographed easy and enjoyable. .”