A Modern Governor Morris Wedding | Morristown, NJ | Tampa Wedding Photographer

Emily & Scott came to me as a referral from my friend Jeff, an old co-worker from my time at Unique Photo. They lived in North Carolina, and I was on my way from moving from New Jersey to Florida, so we didn’t have a chance to meet until about a week before their wedding, when we all happened to be in the same state at the same time. We had pizza and drinks at the legendary Star Tavern in East Orange, NJ. There was an instant chemistry between all three of us, and Scott blew me away by saying that I “conveyed a strong sense of trust” to him. While this was probably a small compliment on Scott’s behalf, it meant the world to me. Their wedding day was a breeze, and even though it was a little rainy, we powered through. The Governor Morris in Morristown, NJ proved to be the perfect venue for Emily & Scott, and I would love to work there again sometime. During a little downtime, their family dog came up to me and said hi. Out of habit I happened to take a cute picture of her on the deck. She passed away about a month later, and thankfully the family now has a high quality professional photo of her. That’s just a little aside for other photographers out there. Shoot EVERYTHING you can. You never know when your photo of a family member or pet could suddenly become an invaluable keepsake. Emily & I stay in touch on Facebook now, and I consider her and Scott friends of mine. What a success! Next up is their custom leather wedding album, which I will blog about when it arrives. (Spoiler: It’s so epic that I’m ordering one myself to show off to future potential clients)



  1. Taz says:

    How lovely are these! I love your feel for just the right moments. Well done.

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