Summer and Jason’s Romantic Couples Session | Sarasota, FL | Tampa Wedding Photographer

I actually met Summer when she came into my studio for a headshot a few months ago. She was one of my first headshot clients down here in Sarasota, Florida. This time I got to meet her awesome partner Jason Kobota. It’s always a relief when a couple thinks they are bad/awkward at posing for the camera, but they are actually amazing at it. Even if much of the laughter was out of being nervous or unsure, we were able to capture so much raw natural emotion. This was one of my first times shooting at a park in downtown Sarasota. It’s certainly a lot different than New Jersey, but I’m not complaining. The sunsets here are spectacular, and I am impressed every day by the nice people here in the Tampa area. Couples sessions are great. Jason and Summer have been together for 11 years, but it had been about 10 years since they were photographed together. I think everyone deserves nice photos of their love, not just people who are getting married! Check out the photos from this shoot, and consider booking your own intimate and fun session today!



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