John and Meg’s Cozy Blue and Orange Winter Wedding at The Grain House | Basking Ridge, NJ | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I met Meg and her father at The Landmark (the famous Livingston pub/restaurant) many years ago. We shared a lot of laughs and good conversation that night, and have stayed in touch over the years on Facebook. She has always been a big fan/follower of my photography. A couple months ago Meg reached out to me on Facebook, almost nervously, to ask what a fair price for a wedding photographer would be, and if I could help her find a wedding photographer. I exclaimed, “Why not me!? I’ll be in town!” Meg didn’t know that I was still in the area, and that I actually travel back and forth between South West Florida and New Jersey as a wedding photographer almost year round.

Meg met John when they were working together at a hotel, and instantly hit it off. They have a beautiful daughter too, who was also in their wedding. Meg’s wedding was an example of making the best of a cloudy/dull day – and using a small space (she didn’t want to walk on the grass because of the mud – and I don’t blame her) creatively for a variety of looks. My assistant even had a clear tarp to put under Meg’s dress for family photos. Despite the weather, Meg and John kept a calm and friendly demeanor all day. The Grain House is a nice charming venue in Northern New Jersey with an excellent staff – and food to match! Their wedding was my last in New Jersey for 2018, but I have a couple jobs left before we ring in the new year, and I simply can’t wait to share more fun photographs of my couples!



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