Hanging out with Canaan and Tia | St. Petersburg, FL | Tampa Wedding Photographer

I was excited when I moved a year ago. A lot of great things have happened since I moved. Tara and I’s photography businesses are doing well, we moved into a nice house, and we got a new cat! Still I really miss my friends back in New Jersey dearly. I miss just going out for fun with friends and using them as impromptu models to practice. So when our neighbor and really close family friend Dawn asked if I would be willing to take some photos her son Canaan and his friend Tia, I of course said yes. Exploring St. Petersburg as a photographer and food/drink fan is fun too. Lots of good places, and reasonably priced to boot. Canaan and Tia are both students at SCAD in Savannah, which is pretty rad. They also both want to design video games. Color me jealous, that’s pretty much every kids’ dream come true. After the sun went down we headed to downtown where the monthly First Friday festival was happening. All in all it was a great day dipping my feet into a new area I now call home, as a Tampa Wedding photographer.



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