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This is the first year that I’ve put together a “Best of…” blog post for any of my photography work, and it was quite a bit of work. However it was worth all of the time, as 2019 was my best year yet for wedding photography. In 2019 I photographed over 40 weddings in a variety of places including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Chicago, and Nashville. I wouldn’t be able to make this post without my incredible couples. We did this together. That seems like a rather simple/known statement, but the trust and rapport I built with each of you made all the difference in the world when it came time for me to photograph you. We endured a number of situations like bad weather, wardrobe malfunctions, changing plans, and sometimes just having to rush! – but all of you did so well. So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was an honor to be with all of you, on your most special day.

I’d also like to express gratitude to everyone on my team (and a couple of other friends who I worked for this year!) who helped on weddings and engagement this year. Thank you to Tiffany Lindner, Antonio DiBenedetto, Christina Meerloo, Maria Sinoradzki, Brad Resnick, Gerardo Soto, Nikki Taylor, Amber Fisher, Allan Mestel, Steven Garelick, Sarah Bocinsky, Nina Brady, Kori Lauto, and Carly Michelson for being a part of my team this year! Also a big shoutout to Tim Kuder, Tara Tomlinson, Jessica Tones, and Olivia Christina for trusting me to work with you this year as a photographer under your brands as well. Originally I selected over 700 total photographs as “favorites” from all of my 2019 weddings, but that would be just a few too many for one blog post. Each one of these 2019 weddings already has, or will eventually have, their own custom blog post as well.

I hope everyone reading this starts 2020 off on a high note, and enjoys viewing these images.

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