Rock Island Lake Club Wedding – Romantic Spring Wedding Photography – Sparta, New Jersey | Samantha + Brian

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Like many couples searching for a New Jersey wedding photographer, Samantha and Brian were overwhelmed with options. The couple had questions and wondered who was the best fit for their April wedding.

Samantha joined Facebook groups looking for answers, but everyone had their own opinions and experiences with different photographers. So it was hard to narrow anyone down and make decisions. 

But the couple knew they wanted someone who would make them feel comfortable and deliver photos that would leave them speechless.

Instagram Made Me Do It

One day, Samantha and Brian were scrolling through their venue’s Instagram page, and some of my work caught their eye. I had just been to Rock Island Lake Club a few weeks before and taken some nighttime portraits, and Samantha and Brian loved the colors and overall look of the images. 

They scheduled a call, and when we talked. Samantha said, “We could just feel his passion and knew he would do anything to make our day special.”

Before the big day, we had an engagement session, which gave us time to get to know each other. While we all got to know more about one another, the couple also got a feel for being in front of the camera. And Samantha was excited that she got to incorporate her retro, blue truck into the photos. Let’s be honest, so was I.

At First Touch

Do we or do we not do a first look is always a question for couples. Some like to go the traditional route and keep their appearance a secret until the ceremony. While others enjoy that intimate time before the hustle of the day begins. Then, there’s the photographer’s point of view. First looks provide time for portraits before cocktail hour, saving time elsewhere.

Samantha and Brian didn’t have a first look, but they did have a first touch. And since I was already familiar with the venue, I knew the perfect spot for some unique portraits.Switching out a first look for a first touch didn’t slow down the day in any way. In fact, Samantha was surprised at how quickly the photos went during cocktail hour. “Mike was so efficient and patient, but he never made us feel rushed. And the nighttime photos! He made them go by so quickly, but at the same time, captured beautiful moments in a timely fashion.”

Capturing Every Emotion

One of the most heartwarming parts of the day was capturing Brian’s face as he watched Samantha walk down the aisle. Samantha gave me a heads-up before the ceremony. She felt Brian was going to cry and didn’t want our team to miss that moment. We captured Brian as he dabbed his tears away and took his bride’s hands into his. It was perfect.

Before we knew it, the sun was setting, and people were getting into party mode. My team and I continued to capture the evening as it unfolded – sometimes wild, sometimes silly, always joyful. It’s always fun to watch people ease into the celebration. The bride and groom will enjoy revisiting these photos and seeing the moments they may have missed.   

I really enjoyed working with Samantha and Brian, and they loved their photos. “I knew we chose the right person,” Samantha said. “I was so excited to see the photos, and I’m happy we have them to share with future generations in our family.” I’m happy you do too! Contact us if you’d like photos to share of your own.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Rock Island Lake Club

Florist: Bloomery Flower Studio

Band/DJ: Taylor Event Group

Make-up: Makeup by McKenna

Hair Stylist: Styles on Location

Videography: Alyssa Kaufman



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