Seasons Catering Wedding – Washington, NJ Wedding Photographer | Amanda + Kim

As a Wedding Photographer in New Jersey for the past 12 years, I’ve seen hundreds of wedding vows. But I’ve never witnessed such a beautiful (and at times hilarious!) exchange as when Amanda and Kim got married at Seasons Catering in Washington, NJ. The moment I first spoke with Amanda and Kim, I knew we would get along famously. They are extremely lighthearted, fun, and totally in love with one another. The perfect combination in my book!

As with many of my clients, the couples’ portraits and photographs of family and friends were amongst the most important to Amanda and Kim. But in addition to getting all of the photos, they wanted to actually enjoy their time with the people who were gathered together. So, we perfected the photography timeline, packed up extra gear, and arrived early to make sure we were ready and prepared for anything, including some rainy weather at the start of the day.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Seasons Catering

Officiant: Sheryl Lipuma

Florist: Barbara Bell

Band/DJ: GBE Events

Hair & Make-up: Kat Gora (Looks by Katiness)

Bakery: Palermo’s

If I had three words to describe the day, I would say lively, dynamic, and FUN! But like all weddings, it was also a little hectic. So, we were glad that we had arrived early. And we worked very quickly to make sure we were able to capture as many photos as possible – while still allowing Amanda and Kim time to fully enjoy their celebration.

And boy did they! Check out the photos from the reception. Kim, in particular, made sure everyone got out there and left it all on the dance floor.

As maternity nurses, Amanda and Kim spend countless hours giving to others. So it was especially touching to see how much love and support each of their families brought to them and to their day. It was a wedding I won’t soon forget.

“Thank you Amanda and Kim for welcoming Tiffany and me as a part of your celebration. The tremendous love from both of your families was evident, and we felt so comfortable being there – even during the pandemic.” -Mike



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