Waterloo Village – Sussex County NJ – Rustic Fall Wedding Celebration Photos | Sophie + Calvin

What makes a photo timeless? 

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Some would say it’s the style. An image is timeless if you can look at it and not quite know when it was taken. It’s void of trendy filters and unrealistic colors. 

While I agree that those things are true, I also think the emotion captured in a photo makes it timeless. The genuine smiles, looks of surprise, heartfelt tears, and passionate kisses knock the hands right off of the clock. 

Sophie and Calvin wanted timeless photos they could display in their home and pass down to their children. I aimed to give them that, but it wasn’t hard. Take a look at any of their images, and you’ll feel what they felt – completely in love and full of joy. 

But things weren’t always smooth sailing for the couple. Like many engaged between 2020 and 2021, Sophie and Calvin encountered the struggles of planning a wedding during the pandemic. They felt the stress of bringing family together, some of which disagreed with their decisions regarding certain Covid safety measures. 

I knew these things could get tricky, so I tried to remain a peaceful presence throughout the process and someone they could turn to as they planned. I wanted them to feel excited about their wedding day and enjoy it so those sweet moments you see in their photos could happen.

And so, many of those moments did happen. 

“Too many to count!” Sophie said. “Our ceremony was grounded in love and holiness, and we have beautiful images of our exchanging of vows. The father-daughter dance was full of silliness and celebration. And at the end of the night, we snuck out to the bonfire to eat s’mores together.”

They may have snuck out, but I wasn’t too far behind. And neither were the other guests who were hungry for some late-night snacks. 

Fast forward a few weeks later. Sophie and Calvin were still on their honeymoon when I sent them their gallery. “We’re just speechless at how many sacred, silly, beautiful, and unexpected moments were captured.” 

That’s the ultimate goal – to capture every moment in time – the ones seen and unseen. And then preserve those moments so that they span decades. Thanks, Sophie and Calvin, for letting me do that for you.

Are timeless wedding photos something you’d like in your home? Let us know.

Vendor List:

Venue + Catering: Waterloo Village

Florist: Strange Vine Designs

Entertainment: 3 West Productions

Hair + Makeup Artist: The Bridal Artistry Co.

Suit(s): Men’s Warehouse

Gown(s)Bride’s Dress: Hailey Paige

Planner/Coordinator/Designer: Waterloo Village Day-of Coordinating (Tessa Fleszar)

Officiant: Sue Morgan



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