Danjuma and Andrew’s Vibrant and Affectionate Van Vleck House and Gardens Engagement Session | Montclair, NJ | NJ Wedding Photographer

Danjuma reached out to me and mentioned that he was looking for a photographer to capture a same-sex wedding with intimate and jovial moments. Supporting and being an ally of the LGBTQ+ community is something that I am passionate about in both my personal life and with my business. So I instantly wanted to know more! We set up a time to chat on the phone and hit it off right away. Danjuma said so many nice things about my photography and also wanted to set up an engagement session. Much to my delight – he and his fiance Andrew picked the Van Vleck House & Gardens in Montclair. I have wanted to photograph here for a very long time, and was so excited to do their session at Van Vleck. As an alumni of Montclair State University, I drove past Van Vleck probably close to a thousand times, but never thought I would be working there!

During the session Danjuma and Andrew were just a treat to work with. They both fully understood the concept of being themselves in front of the camera, sharing sweet moments, a few inside jokes, maybe a little bit of good natured teasing, and of course LOTS OF LAUGHS! They are naturals at being in front of the camera and very obviously in love. During our phone consult Danjuma mentioned that they were both into fitness and woking out, but I think he may have made somewhat of an understatement. These guys are seriously buff! At one point I asked them “work out much?” during a pose, and it caused both of them to laugh and Andrew quipped “just a little bit” We spent the late afternoon exploring the lush grounds of the Van Vleck House and Gardens. There are just SO many great backdrops for photography, and we were lucky to have wisteria in bloom too! The groundskeeper was extremely helpful and assisted us in clearing out any areas that we needed freed up for photography. I hope to work at Van Vleck again one day, and I am seriously looking forward to Danjuma and Andrew’s wedding at the James Ward Mansion this November.

Big congrats to one of the sweetest, most authentic, and humorous couples I have ever met. They had me in stitches from their jokes, and we also enjoyed conversation on a variety of topics. Thank you guys so much!



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