Maximillian and Sophia’s Romantic Teal and Orange Backyard Beach Wedding | Casey Key, FL | Sarasota Wedding Photography

Maximillian reached out to me just about a year ago after finding me on Instagram. As a photographer himself, “Maxi” let me know that he was a big fan of my photography and that he was also a photographer himself. It is always one of the biggest compliments when another fellow photographer wants to hire me. I met Max and Sophia for dinner in Sarasota last summer. We instantly hit it off over some pizza with appetizers. Sophia and Max described their vision for a grand backyard wedding at beautiful family waterfront house on Casey Key. They were both very excited because family would be coming from all over the world, most notably Germany, where Maximillian is originally from.

I know it may sound cliche to say everything went according to plan on the day of the wedding, but in this instance it really did. Max and Sophia were both so cool, calm, and collected on the day of their wedding. Their positive attitudes combined with a loving family, supportive bridal party, and their all-star planner Maggie; made my job as a photographer super easy. The day started with Sophia getting ready with her bridesmaids upstairs in her parents’ home in Casey Key. Which is also where the party would be later! Sophia’s dad gave a heartfelt speech filled with kind words and of course some sarcastic/dry German humor as well. When he introduced himself to me he said “You aren’t just getting here are you? Because if you so you would be late!” then cracked a big smile after shaking my hand.

Due to rough tidal conditions and some beach erosion, the ceremony site had to be moved, but a very helpful and friendly neighbor allowed Sophia and Maxi to use a space on their beachfront property for their ceremony. As the day progressed, it became so obvious why Sophia and Maxi are a perfect match. Their personalities compliment each other so well. Maxi is so good at making Sophia laugh, and you can see that in photos from when they first saw each other on their wedding day, all the way through the party that went deep into the wee hours of the next day. Beyond the romantic wedding bride and groom portraits, every little beach themed detail, and candid reaction was so much fun to capture.

Their wedding was a beautiful gathering of family, friends, and vendors who came together to create a once in a lifetime type of international experience for Sophia and Maxi. Thank you both for trusting me and my second photographer Tara with your special day. As I had back north to continue my career as a New Jersey wedding photographer, I will always remember Sophia and Maxi’s wedding fondly. I have a few more Tampa and Sarasota weddings to share with everyone, and of course I am always willing to come back because I love visiting my family + friends in the area.



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