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Making magic at the Box House Hotel When we met Jackie & Jake last March, they were busy planning their Box House Hotel wedding, and already knew the wedding photography style they were going for: classy, timeless, candid, and most importantly: photos that authentically showed themselves & their guests having fun!  Focusing on what matters. […]

Box House Hotel Wedding – Brooklyn, NY | Jackie & Jake

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A collage of Polaroids hangs above Tiffany’s workspace—photos of weddings long past but still a source of inspiration. This is how you know, that for Tiffany, these are more than people in front of her camera; they are humans with stories. And this is how you know Tiffany is more than a professional behind a […]

Behind the Lens: Meet Principal Associate Photographer Tiffany

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As a New Jersey Wedding photographer, it’s common to hear our friends talk about their New Year’s Eve weddings, but a New Year’s Day is more rare! Step into the enchanting world of Elizabeth and Casey’s 2023 New Year’s Day wedding at the Perona Farms Refinery, where every moment overflowed with warmth, love, and cherished […]

Perona Farms Refinery Wedding Photography – A Spectacular New Year’s Day – Andover, NJ | Elizabeth + Casey

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Are you planning a New Jersey wedding and still searching for the perfect venue? Perona Farms, a rustic industrial hybrid wonderland in the Sussex County countryside, may be just what you’re looking for. As a wedding photographer, Perona Farms is one of my favorite places to work. Full disclosure? My fiance and I picked Perona […]

New Jersey Wedding Venue Spotlight: Perona Farms in Andover, from a Photographer’s Perspective

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What makes a photo timeless?  Some would say it’s the style. An image is timeless if you can look at it and not quite know when it was taken. It’s void of trendy filters and unrealistic colors.  While I agree that those things are true, I also think the emotion captured in a photo makes […]

Waterloo Village – Sussex County NJ – Rustic Fall Wedding Celebration Photos | Sophie + Calvin

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And they lived happily ever after. The end. That’s what it felt like photographing for Emily and Chris. This storybook couple was such a pleasure to work with – and as you’ll see from their photos – their wedding truly was like something out of a fairy tale. Their journey to me began with their […]

Perona Farms Refinery – Industrial Chic Summer Wedding Celebration | Emily + Chris

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Like many couples searching for a New Jersey wedding photographer, Samantha and Brian were overwhelmed with options. The couple had questions and wondered who was the best fit for their April wedding. Samantha joined Facebook groups looking for answers, but everyone had their own opinions and experiences with different photographers. So it was hard to […]

Rock Island Lake Club Wedding – Romantic Spring Wedding Photography – Sparta, New Jersey | Samantha + Brian

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How often have you seen (or searched for) articles about how to look your best on camera for wedding photos? You know the ones – posts with titles like “How to be More Photogenic” and “The #1 Trick to Looking Your Best.” They number in the thousands. This is not one of those articles.  It’s […]

How to Enjoy Being Photographed by your New Jersey Wedding Photographer

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Although I’ve been to Perona Farms in Andover, New Jersey many times as a NJ Wedding Photographer, I was extra excited for Casey and Leo’s wedding which they had started planning many years ago, before the world changed in 2020 with COVID-19. Thankfully their event was finally able to happen in June of 2022. From […]

Perona Farms Barn Wedding – Rustic Boho Wedding Photography – Andover, New Jersey | Casey + Leo

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A top 15 list of unique locations for engagement pictures in and around New Jersey. Our NJ wedding couples often ask for location suggestions for their engagement photography sessions – Here are our some of our favorites! Let me guess: As excited as you are about having beautiful photos from your wedding day, you’re not […]

15 Awesome New Jersey Engagement Photography Locations

"We cried when we saw the photos for the first time. Nothing will ever compare to those memories. We will cherish them always, our first precious family heirloom."


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