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A top 15 list of unique locations for engagement pictures in and around New Jersey. Our NJ wedding couples often ask for location suggestions for their engagement photography sessions – Here are our some of our favorites! Let me guess: As excited as you are about having beautiful photos from your wedding day, you’re not […]

15 Awesome New Jersey Engagement Photography Locations

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Hint: In New Jersey, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work It’s no secret. At the end of the day, the only tangible things that you’ll have to remember your wedding by are those bands wrapped around your fingers and your wedding photos. And because I’m guessing you want to remember it well, you’re probably searching for […]

3 Common Wedding Photography Concerns
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If you’re looking for a venue in New Jersey to host your wedding reception, I have no doubt you’ve come across a few hundred ballrooms. Loud carpeting, over-the-top chandeliers, gilded fixtures. Some of them look like they’re straight out of Versailles.  And while that may work for some weddings, it certainly doesn’t work for the […]

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Art Factory Studios as Your New Jersey Wedding Venue

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If you’re reading this, I’m guessing someone (probably your hair and/or makeup artists!) is asking you what time your wedding photos will begin, even if your wedding is *next* year! And you’re probably thinking, “Who the heck knows!? Maybe I should ask Mike.” Am I right? Here’s the thing: If I had a dime for […]

What Time Should Your New Jersey Wedding Photographer Arrive On Your Wedding Day?

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If you’ve been reading our blog posts lately, you already know how important it is that you feel comfortable around your photographer. If you missed the previous posts, here’s the TLDR version:  Your photographer will be capturing you in fairly personal, intimate moments with the people you love most. And it’s pretty hard to let […]

4 Ways You Can Prepare For a First Meeting with Your New Jersey Wedding Photographer

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Your wedding day is a one-time chance to get it right. No do-overs, no retakes. We have this one chance to capture the things you’ve spent months (if not years!) working on and dreaming about. One chance to photograph all of the people who matter most to you. The weight of that is not lost […]

What You Can Expect as a Mike Zawadzki Client – NJ Wedding Photography

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You’ve agreed on a time of year. You’ve finally found a date that works for your family and friends. And you’ve found the perfect New Jersey Wedding Venue to exchange vows. Congratulations! Now it is time to put down a deposit on a wedding photographer, or maybe you’re considering that big photography studio your best […]

6 Things to Consider Before Booking a NJ Wedding Photographer: You get what you pay for. Or do you?

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Over the years, we’ve learned that our job as photographers involves so much more than just taking pictures. It’s also about making you feel comfortable, finding out what makes you laugh, and discovering what angles you’re not a fan of. And we’ve discovered that to feel truly comfortable in front of the camera, you need […]

3 Ways to Prepare For Your NJ Engagement Session

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When you look back through your wedding album in 20 years, what do you see looking back at you? The question above is one we like to ask when you first inquire. Because if you hire a photographer without asking yourself that one question, your album could be filled with images you aren’t exactly proud […]

6 Questions to Ask Before You Book a Wedding Photographer in New Jersey

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is a New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio based out of Livingston, NJ.

take a select number of winter weddings on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and are available for travel world-wide! | 973-941-2940

is a New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio based out of Livingston, NJ. take a select number of winter weddings on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and are available for travel world-wide! | 973-941-2940

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